Could The iPad Air Be The Less Durable Then Previous Versions

Earlier today, the popular Youtube channel, TechRax, has done a ‘durability’ test on the new iPad Air (also known as the iPad 5th Gen).

The test include 2 drop tests, a side drop and a front facing drop.

He started with the side drop, and straight away, cracks appeared on the screen with a major one in the corner.

Then the front facing drop, with smashed the whole ipad, it was still usable bit with major cracks on the front.

TechRax’s video has shown that the new iPad Air, is the worst ipad for durability as just 1 side drop, ruins the display. This was the worst any ipad has suffered in these tests. It could be argued the worst durable tablet.

One of the reasons why the iPad failed the test was due to the top part above the screen, was nearly hollow.

To watch the video click here

For more durability test on the new iPhones, iPads, Galaxy S, and more, subscribe to TechRax’s Channel by clicking here


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